Meet Darcy


I founded Turning Light Center  in 2003, to bring together many different modalities united by the focus on growing EASE and JOY in life.  Early in my life I learned that dis-ease comes from a prolonged imbalance between body, mind and soul. I firmly believe in a holistic approach to health in body, mind, soul.
Our sufferings are entirely real, and the tools of modern medicine are generally wonderful at treating the acute manifestations of pain, torn tissues, and more. And sometimes it is as simple as that. Other times suffering and pain continue – and that’s the realm in which I am interested.

How do we look beyond the specific tissue damaged and in pain: how do we look to the whole human being, with all our layers of individual complexity and beauty, body, mind, soul, to support the larger system to re-create a balance, an “ease in body, mind, and soul” that brings a more complete healing, better function and more Ease at whatever our stage in life. 
Over the years my studies and personal practice keeps evolving, starting with foods and nutrition, an MBA, and including Gestalt Therapy, Family Constellations (we are all influenced by the larger fields in which we live), Yoga (all its branches of body, movement, breath, mind, philosophy), Meditation (mindfulness and beyond), Ayurveda (Yogic science of health), Therapeutic Yoga (its own discipline of Yoga), Somatics, Neurodevelopmental Movement, Bowenwork, MSTR (McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release) and Essential Oils.

 I am certified in Yoga Therapy (C-IAYT), Bowenwork (ABA), MSTR (McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release), Gestalt (as it applies to groups and organizations), and as a Yoga Teacher (RYT). I am pursuing certification in using Bowen and MSTR on dogs to aid our beloved companions.

It is my great joy in life to bring all I am and know to supporting others to find/grow Ease in Body, Mind, & Soul. I believe in partnering with my clients (and with their healthcare providers as appropriate) in the interests of enhancing my client’s ability to participate most fully in their life, at whatever stage they may be. Note: I neither diagnose nor treat disease.
At Turning Light Center we offer private sessions, semi-private and group classes, workshops, guest teachers, retreats and more. You might begin at TLC with improving function in the musculoskeletal system and in breathing, working with the mind via meditation, or with diet and lifestyle. You might begin working with me privately, or in a group class or workshop.

What do you yearn for in your life?


Turning Light Center’s Principles of Ease

  • Awareness! You cannot change what you are not aware of.

  • Nourish Ease & Breath (& prana/chi/life-force)

  • Less is More

  • Begin within

  • Move in your strain-free range of motion. Ease begets greater Ease.

  • Take the Systemic view: body & being as a dynamic living system, bio-tensegrity

  • Address root causes vs chase symptoms: where the pain is, is rarely the root of the problem.

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