Semi-Private Classes


WHy go semi-private?

It’s a hybrid - social aspects of a class combined with customized programs and personal coaching of private work. Less expensive than a private, but not “one size fits all” as a standard group class.

Address your concerns, get personalized attention, and develop the skills and habits to translate into a regular home practice.

What makes it semi-private

Your starting point, your goals: these define your journey.

Class sizes are limited to 4-5 people, each following their own program, supported by me. Even though each person is working independently, we also cheer and support each other’s progress! Join an on-going class or gather your own group!


Presenting issue: chronic upper back pain.

Darcy! I can’t thank you enough for yesterday’s session - I repeated some of the exercises later in the evening - upper back this morning was much better!!!! I know I have to continue - but really given the severity of how constrictive I felt - I was beaming this morning after one session!!!
— AD


Getting Started with Semi-Private

Join one of the ongoing “Personalized Yoga Therapy” classes. (See Calendar. Let me know if you prefer a different time - we might be able to add a class!) To start, we will need at least one private session for history, assessment, goals, and movement.

Or you can create your own group (family, friends, colleagues) and I will design a class series to meet your needs. For example: a group of 3 friends have been coming one morning a week for over 5 years for a hybrid one hour class of 30 min therapeutic yoga/movement and 30 min guided meditation/yoga nidra. (reclined) They tell me it’s the highlight of their week! Together we can develop the perfect class for your group!

Connect with Darcy to learn more.