Why I Love MSTR

McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release® (MSTR)

My fascination with fascia led me to seek out this specialized form of releasing scar tissue. I learned how scar tissue forms, and grows, weaving through the body having profound unintended effects. I have been astounded with the wide-ranging benefits to releasing scar tissue (old or “new”). Beyond simply improved range of motion, I have seen profound whole-body effects from releasing a scar: releasing laparoscopic scars improved digestion, releasing a knee scar affected a meridian and chronic vertigo disappeared. I now routinely ask about scars in client assessments.

What is MSTR?

MSTR comes from the Bowenwork world; its creator, Alastair McLoughlin, is a long-time practitioner and trainer in Bowenwork. McLoughlin noticed what many of us have felt under people’s skin: “pull-lines” of fascia inhibiting full functional movement of tissues and proper flow of blood, lymph, and nerve signals. Even small, old scars can have a BIG impact on our ease of function and well-being. He developed a method of releasing these “lines of pull” both on the surface and deep inside the body.  Scars generally fade in color and size, raised surfaces melt away, sensation returns, and surrounding tissues are released from their entanglements; function and ease improve. 

MSTR® is an innovative, pain-free, natural method of helping you with your scars. Gentle, finger-tip pressure is applied to the area to help free the restrictions in the scar. No force is involved and the work is always applied within your tolerance. 

As I began my case studies (part of my MSTR Certification process) I felt the “entangling lines” of fascia radiating out from various scars – from a 10” long surgical scar along a femur, to tiny laparoscopic holes in through the naval, to knee ACL repairs, to 40-year-old hysterectomy scars and even injury sites from tears, strain, impact trauma, etc. that left no visible scars. 

New scars tend to take less time to unravel, older scars take at bit longer as the lines of entanglement are more complex. As the hysterectomy scar above was released, pelvic floor pain and dysfunction lessened, plus sensation returned to the scar area itself. Unwinding laparoscopy scars led to improved digestion and breathing. Softening ACL knee scars led to immediate decrease in “purply color” and fading of numbness – and much improved range of motion – in just one session. Scars can also affect acupuncture meridians: releasing a scar on big toe can affect the whole spleen meridian (for example). There are countless more cases and examples.

One more amazing thing about MSTR is that once the scar tissue releases – it releases! The improvement in the scar will never go away! And in fact, the release often sets in motion other releases in the body, and in the psyche, in surprising ways. For example, when the event of a trauma is scary, painful, or otherwise upsetting, we may store those feelings in the tissues, and may even “dissociate” from that part of the body. These feelings can release, and we can be again more whole in our bodies.  


Scars may have a huge influence on our presenting problems. They can: 

  • restrict fascia

  • reduce blood and lymph flow 

  • weaken muscular strength

  • reduce the flow of energy

  • inhibit joint movement

  • leave areas numb or with reduced sensation 

They may feel and look unpleasant and may even upset us emotionally due to the traumatic events that created them.

According to research, if a scar is left untreated it may make other therapeutic interventions less effective or not last as long. 

Even though your scar may be many years old this may be the release your body has been searching for. 

Often just one or two sessions can produce dramatic changes that you can see and feel! 

Who can benefit from MSTR?

Almost everyone has some scarring; small or large - they all have an impact so almost anyone can benefit from MSTR.

  • Caesarian section scars

  • Hysterectomy scars

  • Surgical scars – spinal, bones, organ removal, etc.

  • Trauma scars such as with broken/re-set bones, falls, stitches, etc.

  • Head wound scars

  • Joint replacement scars

  • Amputation scars

  • Underlying scar tissue from laparoscopic surgery

We are finding that it can be used in a whole host of additional problems where underlying fibrous tissue is present. This includes:

  • Plantar Fasciitis

  • Certain cases of frozen shoulder

  • Sports injuries (such as quadriceps and hamstring tears)

  • Axillary Web Syndrome (AWS)

  • Any areas of dense fibrous tissue

What can I expect in a session?

MSTR work is only offered in a private session with client in lightweight loose clothing.

  1. History of scar(s)

  2. Evaluate range of motion, posture, gait etc. including as affected by the scar.

  3. Client will either sit or recline on massage table for comfort.

  4. Client and I will both gently palpate the scar itself, and surrounding areas as accessible. (If scarring is internal or inaccessible, then we can work above or adjacent and still achieve effects.)

  5. Begin work on scar, gentle finger-tip pressure, to clients comfort zone.

  6. Waits of 5-10 minutes between sets of moves for the body to integrate physically and emotionally.


Female aged 50 years old had multiple scars from spinal cervical fusion, thoracic and lumbar vertebrae surgery, lung surgery and C-sections: “I was in awful pain. Today none of my scars hurt any more. It’s 1,000 percent better than a year ago.” 

Female aged 19 years old. Car accident 2017 - 80 mile per hour side-on impact. Seat belt cut into her lower left abdomen but with no visible scar! She feels it when she stretches, runs, walks long distances and sometimes at the gym. Client felt tingling on the tough fibrous tissue during the treatment. One week later, after just one treatment, the scar is soft and no longer pulls when performing activities. 

Male aged 67 years old. After a triple by-pass 3 years ago he has a scar from neck to base of sternum as well as scars on his legs where veins were removed. After one session of MSTR work he could extend his arms backwards and also lift weights. The scar has almost disappeared. After working on the leg scars he is able to run on the machines at the gym for longer. 

I am excited to have this knowledge and technique to add to my practice and my ability to take people toward more Ease in body, mind, & soul.

Connect with me for a consultation to see if this is right for you, or schedule a session to begin work!

Presenting issue: scars on knee from ACL/MCL/meniscus tears/ surgery.

The MSTR seemed to work quickly for me. Since, I’ve noticed increased range of motion and decreased numbness. I have no more discomfort from adhesions around the scar and felt I was able to put more into my yoga sessions creating even more success! I’m very pleased to be back on my way to 100% after my surgery. And the color even lightened up from dark purply to pale pink so it’s not so noticeable! … By the way, the yoga exercises you gave me helped break up more adhesions around the knee cap! Feels great!!”
— TH