Why I Love My doTerra Oils!

I am all about natural solutions, self-reliance, supporting the body to heal itself and over-all wellness. Yes, allopathic medicine has its gifts and when I need it I am grateful to have access to it. But why wait to respond to illness or pathology when I can support wellness and well-being upfront? Nature is full of “solutions” to keep us healthy and vibrant, to deal with pain, injury, disease – and I love to start here – both for prevention and for cures. I use my oils both for myself and my beloved dog.

The short list of why I love doTerra:

  • Top Quality Essential Oils – I know the methods of growing, harvesting, preparing, storing etc. the oils and their rigid testing standards are “best in class”. If its not 100% pure they won’t sell it! All oils are 3rd party tested.

  • Sustainability – all plants are sustainably grown while also supporting the communities (many indigenous) with whom they partner.

  • Supplements – daily vitamins and other supplements I swear by for every day vitality.

  • Great team support for continually learning about the oils, blending for specific applications, safety, latest research and applications.

“There’s an oil for that!”

  • Skin care – rashes, bug bites, scrapes, bruises, blemishes, moisturizing, hair growth, oral care, … One example: black fly bite gone in 24 hrs! (These usually swell up and last for 8-10 days on me.)

  • Colds/flu/upper respiratory – I got the crud going around in January – fever, sinuses fully plugged etc. Better and back to work in 4 days, fully cleaned out after another 3. I know many had this for over 4 weeks. Antibiotics don’t work on viruses, pure essential oils have demonstrated effectiveness. (see links below for research)

  • Muscle aches, strains, bruising, cramping – whether from overuse, a fall, or just night cramps!

  • My dog has only 1 arytenoid left after cancer surgery 10 years ago. She has trouble breathing sometimes. We diffuse oils at bedtime to help her.

  • Seasonal allergy relief.

  • Mood shifts, balancing – I use some oils for a boost of energy or uplifting mood, others to support me in meditation, and more.

  • Homemade common products – I make my own bug spray, household cleaning and disinfect products, ant repellent, sunscreen, weed killer, and more. All effective, completely non-toxic and also money-savers!

  • CorrectX on a scrape or the like – amazingly quick healing – on me or my dog!

  • I also have chronic lyme and bartonella and my oils are a part of my care routine to manage symptoms and remain mostly in remission.

  • Boosting immune system and energy – both my dog and I take daily oils.

Now when anything arises, my first go to is my essential oil collection. And if I don’t already know What to use – I have a team to go to for their experiences and ideas!

Essential oils can be used topically, aromatically, or sometimes taken internally. But quality is essential! Diffusing an oil is the fastest way into your brain – so if its adulterated, impure, has synthetic scents or compounds – you are putting that right into your brain! Know your oils!

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