Tools for Joyful Living: Living the Yamas and Niyamas

In the preface of her book, The Yamas & Niyamas:  Exploring Yoga's Ethical Practice, Deborah Adele says, "We all want to live well.  Let's face it, at the end of the day, it's not how much you have or how much you accomplished that counts.  What matters is how well you have participated in your own life, both the ordinary routines and the extraordinary surprises."   Deborah brings these 10 ethical principles to life through her own life stories.  She provides opportunities for self- reflection as she challenges us to apply yogic wisdom to our lives today.  Gaining the skills to choose attitude, thought, and action, may be the grandest adventure you can take.  Come to this workshop to explore how you might better participate in your own life.

Darcy Cunningham