Developing the Body Wisdom of Ease

The Joy of Learning

Does this seem an odd topic as we near the end of the school season and into summer “play season”? I love to learn – about human life and what makes us tick, about me, my body, about how to help myself and others feel true freedom and happiness – any time of the year!

I recall Russell Ackoff, (one of the founders of systems thinking) sharing a model about learning – a pyramid actually: raw data at the bottom, then the next layer is information, then knowledge, then understanding, then, the small triangle at the top, wisdom. The implication is that it takes a ton of data to produce useful information, a lot of processing of that info to gain knowledge, experience and context to then create understanding, and finally, more experience, successes and failures, the perspective of time, to finally develop wisdom. Wisdom is that alchemical drop of nectar at the end of a long process.

Wisdom is that alchemical drop of nectar at the end of a long process. 

It’s that longing for true wisdom that is part of my love of learning. Reading books, listening to speakers on to youtube – these are sources of primarily data, with some information. You have to dive in,try, fail, reflect on those failures, and try again to develop knowledge, let alone wisdom. Understanding and wisdom are fully body/mind/spirit experiences. My challenge is to grow my willingness to fail, because without failure, you just can’t gain true wisdom.

We can literally re-pattern movements, breath, and more to greater ease and efficiency.

When we age, or are injured, our senses (i.e. data) tell us we have pain, or limited movement.  We either go have someone else "fix us" or learn to live with it. The body is AMAZING in its ability to compensate under pressure.  Once it compensates, however, then that pattern of compromised movement is left over in our nervous system. We assume we have to "make do." Not so! We can literally re-pattern movements, breath, and more to greater ease and efficiency – if we have the patience to develop understanding and wisdom in our own skins.

In a few days I leave for Calgary and 2 weeks of more yummy training in yoga therapy. This is the kind of training where we literally offer ourselves, body and soul, come through an alchemical process, and come home not only having learned more for our clients, but unwound and re-wired ourselves - inside and out.

This summer, I am offering several new classes, including a new format, beginning in July to pass on more of what I have been (and will) learn.If you have done some private therapeutic yoga sessions with me, and are continuing to work at home but not feeling ready for a regular class – the Custom Therapeutic Yoga class is for you – work on your custom program, in the studio with props and guidance, but at your own pace – come to “own” your progress! (movement programs adapted as needed) Schedule at right sidebar.  (if these times don’t fit, let me know what does!)If you have sticky places, or “black box” areas where you have little or no awareness or independent movement, or if you have tremors, for example – then come explore a whole new process called Rhythmic Movement.

Meditation and yoga are two great ways to enrich your wisdom and your life! Come Join Us!