The Past Donates to the Present Moment

Photo by  Mario Purisic  on  Unsplash

“The Past Donates to the Present” Thomas Hubl said this in a guided meditation and it resonates with me. Life flows to me through my ancestor lines (both maternal and paternal). Life is always learning. What Life experiences and learns shapes its flow, shapes how it comes to me, regardless whether I am conscious or unconscious of this content.

This flow can be deeply nourishing or it can carry tension, pain and limitations. We are all nourished at least somewhat by this flow of Life: after all we are alive! But often too we can be weighed down with unresolved traumas, or “lessons learned” by our ancestors. These live in our tissues, creating strain and tension.

How do we optimize the nourishing qualities of this flow?

This flow of Life is one connected stream; which means we can each, now in the Present, help to resolve old, even ancestral traumas. - restoring more freedom and vitality to our Lifestream and to our tissues.

Photo by  Jack Anstey  on  Unsplash

Photo by Jack Anstey on Unsplash

Through my own participation in Family Constellations I have experienced this deep healing, mostly so far in my maternal lineage. I have beed a loving witness to past traumas of my ancestors. I have been able to let go of an unconscious expression of loyalty to them by continuing to suffer in my own present. To my great surprise I felt their love and gratitude as I vowed to thrive in honor of them. Even now I feel a great nourishing flow of love and lifeforce from them: they literally have my back. Their strength and resilience is a resource in my current life. (This by the way includes relatives who were not loving and supportive while alive, tangled as they were in their own burdens.)

How does your past nourish you - or not nourish you?

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