Tools for Joyful Living: Toward a Less Disturbable You

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An old yogi friend of mine once said that the secret to a joyful life is 3-steps:

1. Do not disturb yourself
2. Do not disturb others
3. See #1

Makes so much sense! When I am not disturbed, bugged, ruffled, annoyed etc. by myself or others – and awake to the present moment – life is good! I can be with what is, in the moment, I can be free from old knee-jerk reactions, I can respond skillfully, and I can be part of making the world a better place. And experience more Joy and Ease myself.

Easy-peasy! Well, not quite. It’s indeed simple, but not easy.

If you are seeking a life with more Joy and Ease and Freedom from Suffering – then "Tools for Joyful Living: Exploring the Yamas & Niyamas" are for you!

The very foundation of Yoga rests on the 10 Yamas and Niyamas – loosely translated as 5 restraints and 5 practices. They precede the poses, the breathing practices, even meditation. Yet they are mostly ignored or treated superficially in American yoga and meditation. These 10 Jewels of Yoga are the keys to unlock a less disturbable me and truly live more Joyfully.

One example: Yamas (or restraints) are tools that help us manage disturbances in the outside world. Ahimsa is at the heart of all the Yamas and Niyamas. The superficial level of Ahimsa is to not kill, maim, or say mean things to anyone. But there is so much more to Non-violence!

“Our inability to love and accept all the pieces of ourselves creates ripples – tiny acts of violence – that have huge impacts on ourselves and others. … Hurt people hurt people.”*

Ahimsa or true non-violence starts inside each of us: with our thoughts, feelings and intentions. Just as we harshly and unfairly judge ourselves, so will we judge others – and this cannot help but be reflected in our actions toward self and others.

The ideal way to study and work with the Yamas and Niyamas is in a supportive community, with consistency over time. We are beginning a new 10 month Study Group, using Deborah Adele’s best-selling book Yamas and Niyamas: Yoga’s Ethical Guidelines.

If this intrigues you - click the button below to learn about the new study group forming in September. Join us!
* Deborah Adele in Yamas & Niyamas: Exploring Yoga’s Ethical Guidelines