Many Modalities, One Goal

Many Modalities, One Goal: Ease in Body, Mind, & Soul.

There is a common thread running through all the modalities I chose to pursue. I have had a nearly life-long interest in “wholes”, how parts and bits become systems, and how much richer our view (and therefore any actions we can take) when we see a bit in the context of it’s larger whole. Back in the 80’s this was “systems thinking” and it informed my work with organizations. When my work shifted to individuals (and families), this “systems” view came with me. 

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When I discovered Family Constellations in the 90’s I was over-the-top excited that finally here was a way to experience ourselves, and even our nuclear families, in the larger context of our ancestors, including life events in their pasts. Researchers have since proven what I felt in my bones: what happened to our ancestors affects not only our soul, but our DNA expression. Read more about Epigenetics.

In Family Constellations, we begin to find new perspectives of the family soul and our place within it, and from here, often the physical, mental and emotional bodies also find more ease. Family Constellations provides experiences to help “restore the flow” of the lifeforce and love in family systems so individuals within the systems can thrive.  

Lifeforce in Yoga is called Prana (or Chi in other Eastern modes). I learned early in yoga that the “poses” or “asana” were intended not as mere “exercises” but to resolve and balance the flow of lifeforce (Prana) in the body. (Interestingly when we “push” or “force” or “grip” in an asana/pose, we cut off the Prana/lifeforce!) Very few in the West truly teach from this pranic focus, from the inside out. I was becoming disillusioned with yoga.

Then I learned about Susi Hately’s work in Yoga Therapy and attended her training. She is teaching people how to see the body as a system! Thrilled, I signed on for full certification training. Instead of memorizing body parts and muscles, we watched movement. Movement of the whole, and of parts in relationship to the whole. We learned how to see patterns of compensation. I learned to see a person inhabiting their body and space, the way constellations helped me see a family system. I can support a client to become aware of their compensations and unconscious habits so they can slowly unwind and return to better function and more Ease.

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Then I discovered Bowenwork, based on “biotensegrity.” (Systems thinking applied to living bodies!) I loved both its gentleness and its whole body approach. I immediately started training. To my amazement – all the same “systems principles” apply! As I delved into the depths of Bowenwork and the body, I have learned about fascia (a fibrous sort of “deep internet” of tissues that interconnect the entire body). This is the system Bowen works with. Yet it also works on the meridians - my next realm of study! 

It was the study of fascia that pointed my compass to add MSTR (McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release Method) as another critical systemic tool. (eg in one case study, releasing scar development from ACL knee surgery – on the spleen meridian – ended vertigo for the client that started right after surgery!) 

Some of TLC’s principles of EASE:

  • Awareness! You cannot change what you are not aware of.

  • Nourish Ease & Breath (& prana/chi/life-force)

  • Less is More

  • Begin within

  • Move in your strain-free range of motion. Ease begets greater Ease.

  • Take the Systemic view: body & being as a dynamic living system, bio-tensegrity

  • Address root causes vs chase symptoms: where the pain is, is rarely the root of the problem.

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